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Maag Consulting, LLC

Kristen Walters Maag

Maag Consulting, LLC




Mission: Using Technology to enhance lives of customers, by empowerment and support through a channel of communication and documentation that allows us to build skills and continue to move forward. Network support, Computer Support, Website Creation and Maintenance, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Microsoft Excel Certified.

Positive Strategies Now - Creating possibilities through empowerment and support!

We all experience life in different degrees, angles and duration.  As we pass through these experiences we begin to expand and contrast the experience to help us grow in a way we are willing to acknowledge.  Once we have acknowledged something needs to change, I need to learn more, there has to be a tool for this or simply knowing there has to be a better way than I currently know, we can begin to expand our tool box and allow for growth. 

However, with growth doesn’t mean you get it right on the first try, the second try. What is does give you a new starting point each time you begin to acknowledge something could be easier, better or even simply different than it is right now.

Visit the website for additional information on the various paths of growth that I personally took that has helped me over come experiences, learn Astrological sign pros and cons,  and the knowledge, tool and expansion that has help develop a whole business.

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