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Bites - Meal Prep, Plans and Catering

Bites - Meal Prep, Plans and Catering




We are a Health Food Preparation Service and an Event Catering Service.


Say goodbye to kitchen stress and hello to a healthier lifestyle with Bites Meal Prep, your trusted partner in flavorful and wholesome eating. Elevate your dining experience today!

Chef Maxim Rosset brings a wealth of culinary expertise to Bites Meal Prep, backed by an impressive 15-year journey spanning various sectors of the food industry. With a remarkable background encompassing private and corporate food service within country clubs, restaurants, healthcare, and catering, Chef Rosset has honed his skills in creating exceptional dining experiences across diverse settings. Notably, his invaluable 3-year collaboration with dieticians and nutritionists at Aultman Hospital underscores his commitment to crafting meals that are not only delectable but also aligned with health and dietary considerations. This rich tapestry of experience ensures that every dish offered by Bites Meal Prep is a harmonious blend of culinary mastery and nutritional thoughtfulness.

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